UNI EN ISO 9001 e UNI ISO 45001

2022, EL-SY celebrates 35 years in business.

Custom-designed automation

Strengthened by well-established know-how in the field of Industrial Automation serving the Automotive sector, automated systems by EL-SY are distinguished not only by their exceptional efficiency, productivity and reliability, but also and above all by their customized design, conducted in close cooperation with the customer, and by in-house manufactured production.

Because the only standards that matter for EL-SY are quality standards.

Our components of your success

Advanced, efficient, and always reliable mechanically, electrically, and electronically, EL-SY industrial electronic components and systems are designed and manufactured in-house according to the most stringent quality criteria and ensure smooth and uninterrupted functionality of the equipment that installs them under any operating condition.

Our programs for your future

Designed, developed and tested in-house, EL-SY software offers advanced and custom-designed solutions for power-assisted management systems, functional testing systems, traceability and control systems, automation development, control and verification methodology development and operator interface creation.

We take care of your productivity

Fast, professional, problem-solving. EL-SY support services are always at your disposal to solve any problems or breakdowns. A dedicated machine shop and customer response teams ensure quality service aimed at minimizing your downtime.

EL-SY can guarantee timely and permanent resolution of all kinds of malfunctions