UNI EN ISO 9001 e UNI ISO 45001

EL-SY and Festo for Automotive

What they say about us

“With Festo we also found a single supplier globally. This led us to offer it to our major customers because on specific applications it was what was needed, especially considering the ease of use of electrical axis.”

EL-SY srl, short for Electronic System, is the family-owned company in Settimo Torinese that deals with industrial automation, particularly for the Automotive sector.

EL-SY has diverse expertise in this area, and over the years they have proved flexibility and ability to keep up with the sudden change in the industry, which has featured both the halogen bulb and the full-led.

Over time, they have specialized in designing machines for air-bag production, as well as equipment for assembly and testing of auto parts, suspension, shock absorbers, wheel assembly, brake units, and dashboards.


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