UNI EN ISO 9001 e UNI ISO 45001

Quality Policy

according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

EL-SY s.r.l. has as its purpose and field of application the

“Design and Construction of Automation Equipment.”

EL-SY s.r.l.’s mission is to be a primary reference for the customer in achieving the best performance throughout the entire development cycle of its product or process.
EL-SY s.r.l. for the achievement of its mission has identified quality as a key lever for stakeholder satisfaction and aims to implement continuous improvement of its management system.
These actions are implemented and monitored by management through specific Improvement Plans updated periodically and a structured analysis of risks and opportunities.
The full satisfaction of all stakeholders is considered an indispensable element in the implementation of the company’s purpose.
In the implementation of its purpose EL-SY s.r.l. takes into account the mandatory requirements, the expressed and unexpressed needs of stakeholders by involving them as much as possible in the effective preparation of input data, the expression of requirements and the enhancement of data management.
EL-SY s.r.l., consistent with this Quality Policy and corporate strategies, defines its objectives in a concrete and measurable way, assigning them to the relevant business areas.
The main objective of the company is the complete satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the stakeholders and among them the direct and indirect Customers and the achievement and maintenance, through the offer of its products, of a good relationship between Quality, Service and Price.

Objectives with respect to main processes:

• achieving and maintaining a quality system certified according to the reference standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
• continuously improving this quality system through planning, execution and control activities
• improving image and reputation in the market, and consequently increasing the number
• of customers and increasing turnover;
• complying with stakeholder requirements;
• satisfying stakeholders;
• taking care of communication with stakeholders;
• providing customer service;

Objectives with respect to supporting core processes:

• improving the performance of support processes
• maintaining adequate levels of occupational health and safety
• growing the company’s skills and know-how assets with dissemination to appropriate levels

The improvement plans issued periodically by the Management are in line with the expressed objectives and their application is appropriately verified through specific indicators.
The Quality policy, available to all stakeholders, is periodically reviewed, and is addressed to all collaborators of EL-SY s.r.l. who are therefore directly involved and committed to the achievement of objectives.

Settimo Torinese, June 01, 2022


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